How much money could a Medicare Blue Cross Blue Shield advantage plan save me? Pt2

How much money could a Medicare Blue Cross Blue Shield advantage plan save me? Pt2

What Blue Cross Blue Shield advantageal Medicare plans would be most benefiting to you if you covered the gaps in Part A and B?

Is the cost of the Medicare Blue Cross Blue Shield advantage plan, i.e. the monthly premium, less than what you would pay without a Medicare Blue Cross Blue Shield advantage plan?

You may want to categorize your expenses by categories, such as:

Medicare Part A costs, such as hospitalization and skilled caregivers

Medicare Part B costs, such as medical care, diagnostic tests, outpatient therapy, and long-term medical devices.

Prescription medications you take at home. These are usually excluded from Medicare Part A and B in most situations, and the Medigap plans on sale today do not include prescription drugs. Learn how to enroll in prescription drugs under Medicare Part D.  Check what’s in Medicare, Part A and B, and what your potential expenses might be. Generally, Medicare provides comprehensive insurance coverage, including 100% coverage for certain benefits, such as your doctor’s annual wellness exams and flu shots. However, it does not pay for all medical care expenses. Your pending costs that are not paid by Medicare include:

Deductibles: The deductible for Part A for hospitalization as an inpatient is $ 1340. The benefit phase commences the day you enter a hospital or skilled care facility and ends 60 days after the last day you received a hospital or skilled care. In 2018, the deductible for Part B will be $ 183/ year. Before Medicare begins to pay for most hospitals or covered medical services, you will oblige to pay the deductible. Some preventive care services are not included in the annual deductible and are 100% paid for by Medicare.

Additional payments and/or co insurance: Copayment amounts for Part A vary depending on the length of stay and location. Hospital contributions for inpatients (2018) are $0 per day for days 1 to 60, $ 335 per day for days 61 to 90 and $ 670 each day for a limited time thereafter. The allocation for qualified service centers for days 21 to 100 is $167.50 and $0 per day for 1 -20 days.  Generally, Part B of Medicare pays for 80% of outpatient medical services, long lasting medical gadgets and supplies, and you pay the balance of 20% of the cost.

The 1st 3 pints of blood: If you need a blood transfusion, except the blood is donated, you will have to bear the costs associated with the first 3 pints of blood. Medicare will pay for additional blood transfusions.  Part B excess, charges higher than the amount approved by Medicare for a covered service you receive if the provider can charge more than the amount authorized by Medicare.  Certain rescue services are available outside the country.

Compare the Blue Cross Blue Shield advantage 2019 Medicare plans available in your place of residence. Pay special attention to the standardized benefits of the Medicare Blue Cross Blue Shield advantage plan, which will close a gap that you know exists or is likely in the future. By so doing, you can concentrate on the standardized benefits that will most benefit your situation and circumstances.  Compare the premiums of the insurance companies that offer the standardized Medicare Blue Cross Blue Shield advantage plan after determining the most appropriate standardized care plan for your needs.